Sunday, June 7, 2009

school =D

....Pooi Joe....


....Pooi Joe,Kenny.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

school =D

Lets learn. It's a very good example!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


it was fun every moment here.IT'S autumn. The temperature here is within 5-18 degree,it was quite cold. it is more comfortable to live in. i have to say it is much more better than Malaysia. the modernization is many times of us. They don't really have many cars here,they use TRAM. U know what is it? haha.
The air here is much cleaner compare to ours. They prefer using Trams and Trains to travel everyday. Just like our LRT.


The ticket is also much cheaper than ours. Full fair is for the whole day in zone 1 is just $6.80
erm.. i think is cheaper than LRT, that a trip causes RM2.40

Erm..their food is DELICIOUS.and BIG. OMG. u can faint the first day just eating it.
Besides that, most of the places around us here is BAKERY SHOP. LOL.
Dont want to talkabout FOOD. later u hungry. haha

Until here for now. Will continue the next few days

Friday, April 17, 2009


Long time didnt online ady..
Lazy and a lot of work to do..haiz..
sorry ar...i know u all miss me a lot..
apalah,add maths all the time...omg.

Badminton after school is kindda fun.
somebody dont know how to skip leh...skipping so easy but somebody dont know how...haiz...
teruk la...

Next,the hero of our 4s class Kevin Gomez (Weopon X)

Damn "handsome" right?or look like nerd?
he is one of the best guy i have ever know.haha
he rocks although he always say i am slowpoke...but actually he is the one who is slowpoke...sorry la..haha =P

Friday, April 3, 2009

the best picture ever

Drawn by: joe,kenny,shern,kevin,zack,xheng yew,nick and others la.. i am the boss at the side to see what they do...=P

The best pisture from our class..but too bad we dont have enough time to draw more.
And very hard to take. SOrry la. Too bad.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sports Day selection

sports selection is a waste of time for me. is already know i will be the first so what for doing selection again?but YOU are lucky because this year i am not going to run. LUCKY for matthew,mak and john house. i give you all chance. must appriciate it. LUKE HOUSE ROCKS!!!!!!!! =P
SEAN,u must thank me because i gave you the chance to be second place for 100 metre. dont deny it i tell you. that is the truth. After the selection,balik sekolah,ingat ada study tetapi ialah free period. sien la always free period. i this kind of rajin people dont like free period =P

Drum set

I wanted a drumset a lot. any drum set also i dont mind. that is one of the drum that i really wanted. BUT is so expensive,besides that i dont have a place to put it if i bought it,anybody can sponsor me a place to put? maybe just a garage is also enough. hehe. if u are rich mayb you can get me a bungalow,i dont mind =P